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Electrical Matting


EN 61111: 2009


Made from a high quality black rubber, our Electrical Resistant Rubber Matting is ribbed on one side for excellent slip resistance.

Available in rolls or lengths up to 10 metres long.

  • 650    Volt    9.5mm Thickness tested to 15,000V

  • 450    Volt    6.0mm Thickness tested to 11,000V

  • 1000  Volt    4.0mm Thickness to EN 61111: Class O:2009 tested to 20,000V


The UK Standard for Electrical Rubber Matting has changed.

The old longstanding BS921: 1976 has been superseded by a new Specification: EN 6111:2009.


This older standard has now been officially withdrawn, although the matting is still available to buy from us, along with other grades, but these are not offered to any BS or EN Standard.Our new EN 61111:2009 Specification of Electrical Rubber Matting to Class 0 is manufactured to a higher working voltage compared to the older standard; if you previously used a 650V Mat in your working environment the new equivalent standard is the Class 0 Matting.


This has a maximum working voltage of up to 1000V.As well as offering a variety of classes and working voltages, each option of class comes with colour coding on the reverse of the matting as a requirement of the new Specification.


Frequently Asked Questions:



Which product is the correct legal Electrical Insulating Matting for protection against electrical hazards?


EN61111:2009 This product is the new current National Standard for electrical insulating matting. In providing this to your customers this product conforms to the current standard of electrical protection.


What about BS921:1976?


This product has been withdrawn and conflicts with EN61111:2009.


I currently use BS921:1976 matting what product category should I purchase to replace this?


The direct product category to replace BS921:1976 is the Class 0 EN61111:2009 matting for working up to 1000V AC. Choose the correct class according to the voltage risk. ie:- 1000v AC or less choose class 0, for higher voltage select classes 2/3/4 according to voltage resistance required. Available soon.










Is EN61111: 2009 Class 0 matting equivalent to BS921:1976?


EN 61111 Class 0 exceeds the requirements of BS921:1976 on electrical resistivity, and it is also technically superior to BS921:1976 as it exhibits additional benefits and qualities which are specifically tested.These are; Oil Resistance, Acid Resistance, Puncture Resistance, Slip Resistance


Are there any other factors to consider?


Yes. The lesser thickness provides savings in costs of transportation and storage for all, and has less environmental impact as a result.


The new EN 61111:2009 specification is therefore a major initiative for improved Health and Safety in the UK and the EU.

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