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Sponge Sheeting


Kopak Rubber & Plastics is able to supply many types of Foam and Sponge Sheet.












We offer all grades of materials including:

• Polyethelene Foam (PE)
• PVC Nitrile
• Neoprene (CR)

We can offer a prompt and efficient service for bulk sheets or we can convert to gaskets, die cut parts, washers or strips. Further details are available on request and we welcome enquiries for specific design of products, where technical help is also available.

Kopaseal – Self Adhesive Backed Strip

Kopaseal is our standard Pvc/Nitrile closed cell foam, made into strips and rolls. It is usually supplied with a general purpose self-adhesive backing tape. This allows for excellent adhesion to most common surfaces and provides for a wide range of sealing
applications and possibilities.

• 3mm To 25mm thickness range
• Excellent Adhesion
• Suitable for water and air sealing
• Multi purpose applications
• Small production runs possible
• Pre-cut to exact strip widths required




Rubber Sheeting

These are closed cell in structure and offer good resistance to water ingress and varying degrees of compression. Thickness range is from 2mm to 25mm and above. They can be in rolls or sheet form and can also be self-adhesive backed if required.

Sponge Sheeting
Sponge Gaskets
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