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The ultimate Laminated Glass repair Technology : WIZZIQ !

The ultimate Laminated Windscreen Glass repair Technology : WIZZIQ ! In a continuous search for new technologies and developments to improve the quality and the efficiency in windscreen glass repair procedures, we present a completely new concept called WIZZIQ. This new technology is based on a newly developed repair resin in combination with a revolutionary LED-UV lamp that guarantees, together with a new pit fill resin, a new UV-film Mylar and a new polish paste a highly improved repair result within 90 seconds. As an upgrade to your actual injection system, it saves a lot of valuable time!

Kopak Rubber and Plastics

In our 40th Anniversary year of 2008, we can rightly claim to have helped countless companies with the Design and Production of many Non standard Custom made Rubber products. These are customer specific products that we can assist in the design process after many years of experience. Let us help you in your next project – please contact us with your requirements.

Kopak Automotive

Introduction to Kopak Automotive leading supplier of windscreen mouldings, windscreen trims and windscreen clips.

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