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f1 Season

In the words of the irrepressible Murray Walker it’s just about time to GO! GO! GO! as the new F1 season descends upon us. Can Hamilton retain his crown or will Vettel in his Red Prancing Horse take back the title that was last his in 2013? We could well have a little inkling of just how things might go after the lights go out in the season opener down under in Melbourne on March 25th.

2018 sees the introduction of the Halo and whilst it will help protect the likes of Verstappen, Ricciardo, Bottas and Alonso it hardly keeps with the sleek and sexy lines of an F1 car. That said safety is paramount in all sports and the risks are even greater in the high speed thrill of F1, so it’s a welcome addition in our eyes.

Whilst we at Kopak Rubber and Plastics wish all the teams and drivers the very best of luck for the upcoming season, we hold the Williams Martini Racing Team closest to our hearts. For many years we have been supplying them with packaging products and hope the relationship lasts long into the future. So an extra shout of good luck goes out to Lance Stroll and Sergey Sirotkin.

See you on the grid.

Yours Jarno Trulli,


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